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Company Information

TPL Insurance is Pakistan’s first direct insurance firm, with the goal of providing consumers with seamless insurance services via its 24 / 7 call centre and integrated insurance systems. TPL Insurance has developed Pakistan’s first insurance client app, which includes notable features such as policy issuance, claim filings, self-surveys, endorsements, and policy renewal, with other features and products to be added soon.

TPL Insurance

tpl insurance digitally enabling business

TPL Insurance is transforming the insurance industry by digitally enabling its business partners and clients in policy issuance and customer service. TPL Insurance keeps its unrivaled quality service standards with a highly dedicated insurance team and client pleasant processes, promising to lodge claims in less than 60 seconds and process them in 45 minutes. To preserve its customers’ peace of mind, the company provides all lines of general insurance, including Auto, Fire, Marine, Health, Home, and Travel, with both conventional and Takeful (Islamic insurance) solutions.

our Goals

To become a major insurance business in Pakistan by discovering profitable niches with cutting-edge technology and skilled human capital.

Our Objective

To build long-term value for our stakeholders, we will combine aggressive strategic marketing with efficient operational execution, while providing unparalleled service and product innovation.

Consider Auto Direct

TPL Insurance Auto Direct

TPL Insurance’s Auto Direct gives you the option of selecting from a large range of auto insurance options.

Based on risk profile, we provide a variety of products under Auto Direct that are specifically suited for each make and model of car.

TPL Insurance’s Auto Direct provides the best value for money by providing Comprehensive Insurance Coverage and 5T (Terrorism, Theft, Total Loss, Third Party, and Tracker) coverage.

Furthermore, we have a variety of value-added provisions for your vehicle insurance policy, such as Kar4Kar, which includes New Car Registration, Courtesy Car, and other provisions like Personal Accident, No Claim Bonus, Senior Citizens, and Lady Driver discounts.

Get the greatest auto insurance for complete peace of mind, which includes:

The quickest claim settlement

tpl insurance third-party fire and theft insurance

Unparalleled Value Added Provisions are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our call centre and the Mobile App.

Our car insurance protects you against the financial consequences of accidents and damage. You can pick between comprehensive and third-party, fire and theft insurance.

The bare minimum of car insurance required to drive in Pakistan is ‘third party,’ and our Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance extends beyond this fundamental level. Our ‘comprehensive’ level also includes coverage for vehicle damage. It’s important shopping around for comprehensive insurance; ‘third party, fire and theft’ and ‘third party’ coverage aren’t always less expensive.

Auto Insurance

tpl insurance Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto liability coverage can provide you with financial aid if you are judged to be accountable for a vehicle-related incident. There are two types of liability coverage available:

Bodily injury liability coverage provides for medical expenditures incurred as a result of an occurrence for which you are judged to be at fault. If you or someone specified on your insurance hurt a third person with your car, your bodily injury liability coverage will cover it. Not only can bodily injury liability cover medical expenditures, but it can also help replace the injured party’s lost wages.

Property damage liability: Like bodily injury liability, property damage liability coverage kicks in if you or someone on your policy collides with another person’s car or property,Your property damage liability coverage will aid you in covering the costs of repair or replacement.

Complete Protection

Simply put, comprehensive coverage protects you against losses caused by anything that isn’t covered by your collision coverage, such as natural catastrophes, riots, vandalism, and animal interaction. If a tree is struck by lightning and falls on top of your vehicle, your comprehensive coverage may assist cover the resulting damage.

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