Very Important 10 Steps For A Cheap Car Insurance

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Don’t simply accept your insurer’s renewal quote without batting an eyelash! With so many cheap car insurance companies littered all over the country, looking for the best and most affordable is now easier than ever before. You have the magic of the internet at hand. Maximize your resources and save that money for you next vacation to Barbados Island. We’ve prepared ten steps that will pave your way towards a cheap car insurance.

1. Shop Around And Make Comparisons

Cheap Car Insurance online comparison sites

You can save a lot of money if you know where to look. It might be time-consuming but it will be worth the effort.Visit agencies near you, ask friends for suggestions, consult your local phonebook and especially, scour the internet. Let online comparison sites do the work. Fill your details in and experiment by altering the mileage you will drive and the excess you’ll be willing to pay for. You can decide which quote fits best with your budget. Be sure to check insurance companies that don’t usually feature in comparison sites as they may have better quotes for you.

Don’t forget to be very careful, though. When making your comparison, ascertain that you are comparing covers like-for-like. Policies may seem cheap but it would be a bummer to discover that you do not have the cover you thought you did once you’ve made a claim.

2. Drive The Safest Routes

Cheap Car Insurance lower-crime area

Location is an important element to insurance agents. Your home address and daily commute to the work are factored in when agents determine your premiums. Move to a lower-crime area if it can be warranted.

Statistically, if you live and park your car in a wealthy neighborhood, it is less likely to be damaged, stolen or broken into. In addition, if the commute to and from your workplace is shorter and quicker, then you are spending less time on the road than the driver with longer travel time. Lesser road time equals lesser chances of getting involved in an accident.

This is the reason why agents make sure that they got home addresses, telephone numbers and employer information right. These factors are major players in determining your car insurance premium.

3. Choose The Cheapest Job Title

Cheap Car Insurance Teachers pay less insurance

Teachers pay less insurance than music teachers; kitchen staff pay less than chefs; office administrators pay less than office managers; and bricklayers pay less than builders, who pay less than construction workers.

See the pattern there? If your job comes under more than one category, experiment with all of them before deciding. It might save you tons of cash. A housewife fits under full-time parent or be sure to tick retired if you are. Remember to avoid the unemployed button like it’s on fire.

4. Take Advantage Of Your Age

If you’re older than 24 but younger than 56, then lucky you. You’re obviously considered to be a safer driver than teenagers and seniors. Age is an important criterion for agents in determining your premium. Prices are significantly lowered once you hit 25 and discounts get to as high as twenty percent, especially if you’re married with a clean driving record.

5. Be Wise In Choosing Your Car

Beware, insurance on a Honda can cost as much as on a Jaguar, depending on the circumstances of both cars.The specific make and exact model of a car is also an important deciding factor. Newer vehicles equate to more expensive replacement or repair costs. But some cars are more reliable than others too as newer vehicles are more secure than a beat up 20-year-old roadster. Furthermore, the features and techs seen in newer models make them a lot safer than older ones.

It goes without saying that luxury vehicles like sports cars are expected to fetch costlier premiums. Vehicles that are capable of greater speeds and have lots of customizations and upgrades have considerable increase in likelihood of accidents and breakdowns.

If you’re on the market for a new car, think about getting an environment friendly vehicle. Many insurance companies nowadays have started offering cheaper auto insurance premiums to owners of ‘green’ cars in a bid to increase attention and interest to them.

6. Increase Car Security

Have a modern car alarm system, tracking device and immobilizer fitted to your car if you don’t already have them. Check if you do and declare them. Take it a step further and have upgraded safety features installed professionally. These will increase the likelihood of discounts for up to five percent.

Agents are most likely to inspect your vehicle visually and there are a number givens that come to mind when checking for vehicular safety. Automatic seatbelts and airbags on the driver’s and passenger’s sides should be working properly; rear seat airbags will be a huge bonus; windshields and windows should be free of chips and cracks; and ensure that all the mirrors are intact.

7. Walk, Run, Drive Less

Fewer miles equals more savings. Insurance companies are usually willing to adjust rates for clients with fewer mileage. There is not much risk for drivers who don’t drive that often, is there? Use your car only when you need to and walk, jog, take public transport or carpool if you can. Spend less in fuel, get to be kind to Mother Nature and reduce insurance quotes. But inaccuracy will get your claim jeopardized so be honest about your annual mileage.

8. Insurers Like Garages

Go rid the garage of junk and put your car in it. Premiums can be cut dramatically if cars are kept in garages at night. Your premium will reflect the lower risks of car theft, vandalism and damage through natural causes.

9. Consider An Advanced Driver’s Course

You may want to consider attending and completing an advanced driver’s course. You might find an insurer offering cheap car insurance or just have proof that you’re an advanced, therefore safe driver. Of the various types of classes, defensive driving classes are your best bet as they are typically the most effective in swaying your insurer to reduce prices. Don’t forget to have your certificate nice and ready as proof of eligibility.

10. Discounts

Hoard discounts like a miser hoards his gold. Get your hands on as much as possible. Affiliate discounts, retirement discounts, student discounts, loyalty discounts—who doesn’t love discounts? Don’t be afraid to tell your agent if you’re a student, a retiree or a member of a group or organization. Chances are, there’ll be a discount or two for you.

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