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Have you ever heard of auto insurance fraud? No new built car insurance scam has been around for a long time. So how do you identify auto insurance theft? Read the full article and find out how to avoid being scammed by auto insurance scammer.


car insurance scam identify

First, identify what type of auto insurance, insurance scams are using. You can find many types of auto insurance fraud. Created car accidents can range from vehicles deliberately stopping in front of a driver which can lead to an accident – rear insurance scams can also involve people in general you could trust such as doctors and lawyers.

Educating your car is the only way to avoid car insurance scam.

So here are some types of auto insurance fraud.

car insurance scam car accident

Staged or rear-end car accidents: A car insurance scam driver will quickly get in front of an innocent car and then hit the brakes. This makes the innocent driver to the rear of the car insurance scam driver. Along with collecting money for vehicle damage, the auto insurance scam driver often bogus medical injuries to collect even more.

Adding Damage: After an accident, whether gradual or not, the auto insurance scam driver will go elsewhere and cause serious damage to your vehicle and claim that the damage occurred during the initial accident.

o Fake Car Insurance Helpers: Car Insurance Helpers will wave an innocent driver into traffic, but then crash into the innocent driver. When it comes time to file the claim, the auto insurance scam driver will deny that he shakes anyone. Other ways bogus helpers try to scam people is by offering to help an innocent driver find an auto repair shop, doctor, or lawyer. Here, everyone is in the process of scam. The auto body shop charges you huge fees, the doctor and attorney are also on hand to collect more on your auto insurance.


car insurance scam stolen cars

If you drive one of these makes and models of vehicles, you could find yourself with a high premium for car insurance. The top ten cars that are stolen each year are the Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Toyota pick-up, Toyota Camry, Dodge Caravan, 1500 full-size Chevy pickup, Honda Accord, Acura Integra, Dodge Ram and the Ford F150 truck. Now if you own one of these vehicles, your auto insurance rate may increase due to the theft rate of these cars

Although the years are specific to these vehicles, if you check with the auto insurance company, they will advise you as to the year of these vehicles. With the Honda Civic, the 1995 years disappear, where no reports of other years seem to disappear. You specific model and year have an impact on your car insurance due to the theft rate.

This also depends on your area; Some places may see an increase in theft of another car rather than a car listed here.

If you own a vehicle that is at high risk of theft, you will need to install some security devices in order to lower your auto insurance rate. Alarm systems, wheel locks and other devices show the car insurance company that you want to keep your car in and do not pose a threat to let your car become a statistic. Everything you can do to protect your vehicle offers discounts on your auto insurance rate.

car insurance scam 1968 Chevy Camaro

About eight classic cars appear in the high theft rate charts, but auto insurance is very different from normal car insurance. You still have the highest rate of car insurance when you place insurance on this type of car. Classic car insurance and auto insurance differ in many different ways and insuring a 1968 Chevy Camaro and a 1995 Honda Civic has a cost difference of around three to four hundred dollars a year, if not more.

Auto insurance companies offer coverage for these cars, but you need to have some safety measures in place, keeping the vehicle in a garage might not be enough for auto insurance companies. If you have a need for car insurance finding a car insurance company may take some time and you want to have as many appointments as you can choose lower rate and something that offers good coverage.

He also made a point to find out how to pay for a stolen car [], just in case. Therefore, you have declared value to pay or a payment agreement in case your car is stolen or wrecked. You need to know how your claim would be paid in the event you have a problem. Car insurance protects you and your car as long as you have good coverage.

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