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Car Insurance- it’s not just a good idea. It’s the law. Each day more and more drivers are on the road. Week by week, people on the road are getting a little busier and more rushed. Your chances of being in a car accident are higher than ever, even with today’s safer vehicles. You need it, your vehicle needs it.

Buy Online Car Insurance

And now you no longer have any excuse not to have it. Can’t afford car insurance? By buying online car insurance, you get a good low cost rate. No time to phone agents looking for the best policy? You can fill out a short form on the internet and in minutes be buying the online car insurance that is right for you.

buy online car insurance financial or personal

Have you noticed that your car insurance rates are going up each time you renew? Even if your rates have not gone down despite the fact that you have an excellent driving record, it’s time that you shop around online for a new car insurance company. Prices are leveling out and even dropping all over the country. You may be paying too much for your current car insurance!

Consider your financial or personal situation when buying online car insurance. Are you married? Do you have children, or plan on then in the near future? Are you a home-owner? Maybe you have your own company. This will help you think about what level of liability limits you need to protect you if you are ever sued by another driver, pedestrian or property owner. Do not make the mistake of buying a policy just for the low cost. Your financial assets and family members who depend on you need a good defensive shield. In general, the more you have to lose, the more protection you will want. It’s that simple!

Finding Classic Car Insurance

buy online car insurance Finding Classic Car Insurance

You’ve spent hours of your time resorting a car to its natural beauty. The time has now come to consider insuring the car and taking the car out on the road. However, how do you know whether or not your newly resorted car qualifies for classic car insurance; and, even if it does, what will classic car insurance get you that normal car insurance cannot?

First: in order to qualify for classic car insurance, your car needs to be more than 30 years of age at the time you insure it.

Second: the car needs to be certified as a “collectors’ item” – otherwise it cannot qualify for classic car insurance.

Third: for classic car insurance to apply, the car cannot be substantially different from the original car, which includes the parts that make up the car.

Fourth: in order for classic car insurance to fully apply to the car, the car cannot be for everyday use, but rather must be for use on special occasions only.

As you can see then, in order for classic car insurance to apply, the car not only needs to be over 30 years of age (a threshold that many cars qualify under), but must also be a collectors’ item; thus making qualification much tougher.

The value of insuring your classic car under a classic car insurance policy is that you and your insurance company are agreeing that there is a material value in the car that exceeds any book-value the car has. Book value is the standard means by which car insurance companies work, so if you have a classic car, and want to insure against actual value, you need to find an insurer who understands the true nature of the value of the car you are driving.

How to Find the Most Reliable Auto Insurance Companies

buy online car insurance Auto Insurance Companies

It’s important to check to make sure the auto insurance company you choose is financially secure. I beleive that most people are focused on getting the most for their money; this is of course a good idea. But did you know that buying from a ‘bargain basement’ type auto insurance company carries risks?

The smaller auto insurance companies may have some tempting rates, but they can be seriously affected by even one or two major claims. Customers of these financially strapped carriers could find themselves in an unpleasant situation should they need to submit a claim at the same time. THe bottom line is that thier lack of stability and their possible inability to pay claims far outweigh any cost savings you may have gotten from super low rates.

Fortunately each state has an insurance guarantee association designed to fulfill claims for insolvent insurance companies. The downside to these associations is they usually impose sort sort of a cap on payments; payments can also be quite slow in making their way to your pocketbook, since they are subject to state run courts and beaurocracies. Do you want to wait until the Stae of Florida or Texas or New York decides to finally issue you a check?

Here is the take away point: pick an auto insurance company with a good solid financial rating. That way you can rest assured you will be paid when making a claim. Standard and Poor’s, A.M Best, Moody’s and Fitch Ratings all issue periodic rating reports on insurance companies. These are the best way to check ratings on a company you are considering.

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