6 Car Insurance Tips and Tricks

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6 Car Insurance Tips and tricks

Learn 6 car Insurance Tips And Tricks You Can Use To Save Money And Time

car insurance is required for most citizens and drivers, and while most know they can shop around when renewal comes up every six or 12 months, they just let it automatically roll over with whoever they have been with. Still, with just a little mindful attention, you can save money and time using these 6 car insurance tips:

6 Car Insurance tips to save money

1) See about paying for your whole policy all at once: Most auto insurance customers sign up for monthly installment plans, breaking up their premiums into smaller portions paid every thirty days or so. However, it is also standard practice in the insurance industry to add an installment fee to each of those payments, often three dollars or so. If you pay for the whole policy all at once in advance, you can avoid paying these. Over the course of the year, that can usually add up to one or two payment’s worth of money!

2) Don’t ignore agents trying to get you to bundle policies: You might think they are just trying to push sales quotas or steal you away from other insurers, who you might actually like, but it is worth looking into. If you don’t own a home, consider at least blending your renter’s insurance with your auto policy. Even if you only save five bucks a month, that, like the monthly installments, can save you enough money over the year to cover another month or two of premiums.

3) Check your bank account balance going back over the previous year: See how much you usually have available for emergencies, and then consider setting your auto insurance deductibles to the maximum available option, usually one or two thousand dollars. You will be responsible for more of the financial burden of repairs to your car, but you’ll drop the costs of your premiums considerably.

4) Don’t assume that tickets or past accidents are automatically going to hurt your rates: Some insurance providers actually offer forgiveness for one incident if your driving record is otherwise clean. Others will deduct points off your insurance rates or reduce your premiums if you do things like complete a safety course.

5) Ask about skipping the roadside assistance plan: Many insurance plans offer benefits like this to stand out in an increasingly competitive sector, but if you have something like AAA or possibly roadside assistance with your car, then you do not need this through your auto policy.

6) Download the app if your insurance provider has one: It will have a lot of handy features and benefits you can use, but the primary one you want is a checklist of things to do following an accident. Of course, the first thing you always want to do is make sure everyone is okay and not injured or in danger, but after that, you want to get photos, evidence, and swap contact and insurance information with the other driver. Your insurance provider can make a better case for you if you use the tools they give you. You should assume that with so many smartphones out there, the other driver is already doing just that.

Use these 6 auto insurance tips and tricks to save yourself time and money.

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