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Technological advancement has brought untold benefits to human kind by way of invention and discovery. Technology has also enriched lives in several ways, and among the most important benefits of technological advance are described below: – Technology helps save time, energy, and material resources. Time, energy, and material resources are non-renewable. Technological advances have made possible the harnessing of these resources for economic benefit. The harnessed resources can be re-used for various purposes.

– Technological advancements have made life much simpler and easier. Life may not be as hectic and stressful as it used to be with the invention of different tools and equipment. Materials and energy used in daily life are made easier to obtain and used in multiple ways. This has made life a lot simpler and relaxed. Life may not have been easy and stress-free back then but with the development of different tools and equipment, it has become easier and stresses-free for modern people.

These developments have made life easier and more convenient. This also has contributed to the increase in demand for new technology. Many people are investing in new technology for business, personal, or any other purposes. Many innovative social media software tools have been developed to facilitate better interactions. These social media tools make online communities and groups very popular. They have also helped in the marketing of products and services.

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