Comprehensive Car Insurance: Know Why It Is a Must-Have for Your Four Wheeler

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So, you have bought the car of your dreams. You saved every extra buck from your hard-earned money to meet your goals, and researched the car market thoroughly to ensure that you are investing in the best possible four-wheeler for you and your family. But, what about maintaining your car and ensuring that you protect it against any untoward harm in the future?

This is where car insurance steps in. A third-party liability motor insurance is a necessary mandate from the Government of India for any passenger or commercial vehicle plying on Indian roads. Considering that the road is always an unpredictable place where accidents, carelessness and sheer bad luck can bring harm to you and your vehicle, a good car insurance policy is a must to protect you against any damages caused to life and property.

Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

If you own a four-wheeler, you already understand that your car needs maintenance and upkeep. Cars are machines, and quite expensive ones at that. From a mere dent on the boot from a careless motorbike rider to an unforeseen accident on the highway or a theft, it is crucial that you protect your property against untoward harm, or yourself from the financial implications arising out of such incidents.

Any car that sees the road every day is susceptible to a diverse range of threats. And, at every stage of your car’s recovery and safety, you have to shell out a reasonable amount of money. Whether you are a new car owner or simply shopping for a new auto insurance, it is important to understand why you should invest in comprehensive car insurance from a reliable service provider like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, and what the benefits of choosing a comprehensive insurance policy are.

What Are The Benefits Of Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance comes with a wide range of coverage options that gives you the maximum protection. It includes multiple risk factors associated with the car, its passengers, any property or valuable within your car, and also offers coverage for any damages caused to third party vehicle and its passengers. What’s more, comprehensive car insurances also protect you from a financial setback in case of any unforeseen events – like weather damage, natural calamities, car theft, fire and more.

To summarize, the benefits of comprehensive car insurance include:

1. Coverage of damage to your own vehicle – Whether your car has been in an accident, been a victim to theft, facing technical glitches or suffered a natural calamity, comprehensive car insurance can cover the financial losses arising due to a variety of reasons.

2. Protection against third-party liabilities – If your car has been in an accident that has caused any damage to someone else’s vehicle, you are liable to pay for any damages caused and bear the expenses that arise from it. Comprehensive car insurance takes care of these expenses so you don’t have to pay out of your pocket.

3. A cover for any bodily injuries or loss of life – As we have established before, cars are susceptible to accidents, and sometimes these turn into tragedies that don’t just cause harm to your property but also your life. Should an accident in your car leave you permanently disabled or cause your untimely demise, a good comprehensive car insurance plan will offer suitable compensation.

4. It covers more than just accidents – Sure, a much cheaper collision insurance or driver’s liability insurance could have you covered in case of a shattered windshield during an accident. But, what if the windshield of your very expensive car (a costly replacement, by the way) is shattered due to hail or a rolling boulder from an earthquake? Comprehensive coverage will protect your car towards any, and all unforeseen damages, even when they are not caused by a third party.

5. A complete comprehensive cover – Every single accident is unique. Most comprehensive car insurances will not just protect your car from motor accidents, but also offer coverage for a variety of other reasons. Examples of such damages are – fire, flood, collision with animals, vandalism, windstorms, earthquakes, damages from falling/flying objects, as well as personal baggage theft.

So, as you can see, choosing comprehensive car insurance that offers optional, diversified coverage is a better option than the state-mandated third-party liability insurance, as it offers additional protection for accidents and vehicular damage that is not just caused by a motor collision. You can read more about the benefits of car insurance by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and the multiple services they offer their customers online. By entering some rudimentary details on the online car insurance premium calculator, you can also compute your quotes for comprehensive plans in no time.

Value-Added Extended Benefits For Your Car Insurance

These are always a good consideration, irrespective of whether you are a new car owner or are shopping for a new, more advantageous insurance policy for an older car.

For example, a zero depreciation cover also protects your car against general wear and tear as well as ageing related expenses. Your car starts to depreciate in value the moment you drive it out of the showroom and to your home. In case your car is in an accident and the cost of damages now exceed the value your car is at, the zero dep coverage comes to rescue. For brand new cars, you can get a bumper-to-bumper cover so your car can be restored to original invoice price without a penny spent from your own pocket.

Some of the top additional conveniences to consider adding to your car insurance policy are:

* Zero Depreciation for bumper-to-bumper cover.

* Engine Protector to protect from technical glitches and malfunctions of engine.

* 24/7 Spot Assistance in case of a car breakdown.

Key & Lock Replacement in case you misplace your car keys or they are stolen.

* Consumable Expenses to maintain, service, and/or replace spare parts, which can cost quite a bit.

* Personal Baggage that protects the belongings in your car in case of theft.

* Conveyance Benefit to cover any expenses and/or significant concerns a car owner may face post-accident.

A top-notch brand like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance offers extensive policies for vehicle insurance online as well as a variety of add-ons that give you more value for your money. Adding these benefits to your comprehensive car insurance makes your policy airtight, giving you more bang for your buck. They do add to the premium value, but often they are value additions that pay off much more in the long- run. However, they are optional, and you can choose to add only the add-ons that are best suited to your needs and your budget. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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